A new run of the two year training programme for therapists to become trainers in Open Dialogue programs is open again.

As the website of our colleagues from UK says, the first such programme was organised with success by Open Dialogue UK, and since they have organised two programmes in Helsinki and one in Sydney, Australia. This third programme will take place in Helsinki.

It will follow the criteria of Finnish legislation, and the official title for the training is therefore “Psychotherapy Trainers’ Training – Dialogical approaches for couples and family therapy”. The aim is that during the training the participants will be supported to start their own programmes of Open Dialogue and Dialogical Practice in their home countries, and thus we could have an international network of training of Open Dialogue certificates.

The emphasis in this programme will be on developing practices that mobilize the resources of clients and professionals in a collaborative way. The specific aims are:

  • To develop further the dialogical psychotherapeutic skills of the participants, in particular in challenging clinical (and supervision) situations
  • To develop skills for acting as supervisor, trainer and consultant
  • To enhance skills for developing social and health care towards more democratic and human practices

All those interested to apply to the programme are invited. The closing date is 15 March 2020.

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