After almost two years of preparations, the congress of a worldwide community called International Certificate in Collaborative-Dialogic Practices (ICCP) took place in Brno, Czech Republic. It was a great pleasure for me to be part of the organizing team. After 3 previous conferences in Spain, Brazil and Argentina, the Czech republic had now the honor to host it.

End of June in Brno. Incredible heat, many last-minute things to be done, whatsapp messages popping up throughout all the day from my local colleagues and from the rest of the team that is spread all over the world. Is Saliha really finishing the documents on her way from India to America? Shivering and expectations: how will we manage all the issues to make visitors feel welcome in Brno? Excitement about seeing our dear colleagues after long time. And pride that the event is about to happen in our city we can show to “the world“. I cannot wait to meet new practitioners who share the ideas of collaborative and dialogical practices and taste how they use them their own way.

Even though Brno hosted almost 180 participants from 32 countries, the atmosphere was still very personal and informal. Thanks to the Faculty of Education (Masaryk University) who kindly offered us their building we had a beautiful space where we spent 3 intensive days and got in touch with many experienced researchers‘ and practitioners‘ work, enjoyed their presence and accepted their invitation to discussion or exercise (or dance in some cases).

I cannot recall any other event like this, where participants would be invited to disagree, to discuss, to present their own ways of being and doing, such as here. Thanks to that, the real space for creativity was made. The principles of dialogism became real and we lived them. We have talked about so many issues such as mental health topics, community work, the difference between reflexions and reflectivity, how to use dialogical approaches in high school education, psychiatry, research, emotional life, becoming a therapist… As it would be an endless list, you may have a look at the whole program here.

Hm, I am sitting here trying so hard to find a way how to describe such an event as ICCP 2019 was to make the reader feel it. Should I choose one workshop? But which one? There were so many remarkable ones. Should I choose one idea or theory? Impossible. Or rather describe the informal encounters that has been so whole-hearted and gave me so much support in my personal and professional life? The words I used here do not really do the job for me. What can I do then? Yes, I think I know. I will simply express my movement and gratitude for all those people willing to be the warriors who keep trying to find the human ways of how to be helpful to others through creating and exploring their relationships. And for the so-needed feeling of togetherness and withness that was present on the conference all the time.

You may taste it from these pictures.

Petra Detersova, Narativ, Brno, Czech republic

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