New book with the title In Therapy Together: Family Therapy as a Dialogue is now available for everyone interested in family therapy from the dialogical point of view. By stressing the relational nature of psychotherapy the book leads us to a deep exploration of our everyday practice.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and most have love at their roots; however, by the time a family requests help from a psychotherapist, resentment, fear and disappointment have often become the dominant forces ruling everyday life.

Moving away from the medically-focused ‘problem-diagnosis-treatment’ model of psychotherapy, Peter Rober’s thought-provoking new text conceptualizes family therapy as a dialogue between living, breathing people; it emphasizes the mutuality and relational context that serves as the backdrop of a therapeutic encounter, whereby family members will interact, emotions will be displayed and suppressed, and practitioners will need to navigate carefully, endeavoring not just to listen but to understand the stories being told.

Each chapter provides close analysis of a rich variety of case studies, combined with an examination of key theories and concepts – including the different schools of narrative-oriented therapies, and how they can be applied in everyday practice situations.

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Peter Rober

Full Professor in Clinical Psychology at the Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Leuven (Belgium).
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