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Open Dialogue – Trainers’ Training Programme

A new run of the two year training programme for therapists to become trainers in Open Dialogue programs is open again. As the website of our colleagues from UK says, the first such programme was organised with success by Open...



Eulogy of Fragility: uprisings, polyphony and dialogue. 5-8 November 2019 – Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA. South America. The 5th Conference on Dialogical Practices will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th, November 2019 at the...


BOOK: Peter Rober’s Family Therapy as a Dialogue

New book with the title In Therapy Together: Family Therapy as a Dialogue is now available for everyone interested in family therapy from the dialogical point of view. By stressing the relational nature of psychotherapy the book leads us to a...

Sheila McNamee interwieved by Pavel Nepustil – video preview

VIDEO: Sheila McNamee on dialogue in politics

Sheila McNamee is a founder of the Taos Institute, a therapist and a Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire. This is her being interviewed by a Czech practicioner Pavel Nepustil during a common workshop in Brno.


CASE STUDY: Therapist’s emotions in the session

How can we as therapists deal with difficult emotions we are experiencing in our sessions? You can find inspiration in this case study written by Peter Rober, a family therapist. The case study is a part of Peter’s article published in...


Essential resources on Dialogue

Where to start reading when it comes to the dialogical approach, its theory and research? Here are some key resources. Choose from a selection of journal articles and learn more about topics that interest you most. Collaborative practices Harlene...

John Shotter

Andy Lock’s memory of John Shotter

This a piece I wrote following John’s death so as to mark John’s role in elaborating a social-relational account of developmental psychology. John Shotter passed away at his home outside Cambridge on 8 December 2016 after a prolonged illness....

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