The Systemic Development Partnership invites everyone to London to the workshop making dialogic, systemic and social constructionist ideas relevant for organisational strategy making. If you are interested in concepts and practices for designing, facilitating and sustaining systemic strategic change, this workshop is for you. Managers, leaders and consultants welcomed.

In three days you will:

  • Engage with strategic challenges relevant to their management and consultancy contexts
  • Appreciate living strategy as a moral context for coordination and action
  • Understand strategic development as a collaborative, dialogical, ethical and imaginative achievement
  • Experience a strategic planning framework inclusive of modern and post-modern perspectives
  • Develop specific actions for strategic leadership in management and consultancy contexts
  • Develop specific reflections and actions for their leadership situations in relation to relevant practice contexts

For more details and registration please see the website, write to or contact Dr Martin Miksits.

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