The Systemic Development Partnership invites you to join a four day collaborative event which will be focused on development, learning and sharing of systemic organisational practice, with inputs from key note speakers and participants.

The Systemic Organisational Practice Dialogues 2017 has the theme Organisational Dialogue and Design – Systemic Leadership amidst Chaos and Adversity. Christine Oliver and Dr Miksits are particularly happy that Kevin Barge and Amanda Jones will be with them and will offer key note inputs. They are looking forward to many more contributions.

Where: London, Roehampton, Parkstead House
When: 9th – 12th June 2017

Perhaps there is something you want to offer to the dialogues as well…

The Systemic Organisational Practice Dialogues offer a joyful and congenial opportunity for collaborative learning, exchange of ideas and co-creation of practice. We hope you will join!

For further details check the websiteFacebook page or contact Dr Martin Miksits.



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