New full year training on systemic leadership and consulting in London is coming and begins in January 2018.

The Systemic Leadership and Consulting Training relates to a frame of systemic organisational practice that foregrounds how people in organisations contribute, through their interaction to the organisational system.  This reflexive ability invites particular attention to the communication and coordination processes required for the development of relationships between individuals, teams or departments; and required for organisational learning, the development of strategies, plans and processes, the informing of roles and tasks, the production of goods and services, and so forth.  This systemic and dialogic frame opens up novel and generative ways of working as a systemic leader, consultant and coach.

The main theoretical foundations to this training are social constructionism, second order cybernetics, practical communication theories, systemic psychotherapy, dialogic organisational development, and organisational learning theory.

The full program is presented on the website

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