The Systemic Leadership and Consulting Training is for professionals, who aspire to a step-change in their practice, creating opportunities for self and others, facilitating wisdom and development in organisations, groups and communities.

The training comprises four modules and is organised into eight workshop blocks, two days each, a total of 16 days face-to-face training, self managed learning and assignments.  These modules will invite understanding and skills of systemic leadership and consulting practice, systemic coaching, working with complexity, and organisational development.

Course schedule and timings 2019

Module 1: Systemic Frameworks for Leadership and Consulting Practice
Seminar A Jan 28-29
Seminar B Feb 25-26
Module 2:  Systemic Coaching Skills for Leaders and Consultants
Seminar A Mar 25-26
Seminar B Apr 22-23
Module 3: Systemic Leading and Consulting in Complex Systems
Seminar A May 20-21
Seminar B Sep 9-10
Module 4: Systemic Organisational Development with Groups and Teams
Seminar A Oct 7-8
Seminar B Nov 4-5

If you are interested, please contact Martin Miksits on

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